Lately | November

Making: room in my closet for my summer clothes.

Cooking: salads!

Drinking: Merlo coffee.

Reading: Falling Upward by Richard Rohr – such a gorgeous book!

Wanting: To see the first female POTUS.

Looking: up at the stars.

Playing: down at our local park.

Wasting: water with long cold showers to cool me down.

Sewing: Super-hero capes for my super-boys.

Wishing: for a long weekend away.

Enjoying: spending time with dear friends who have just moved here from interstate.

Waiting: not-so-patiently for my copy of Glennon Doyle Melton’s ‘Love Warrior‘.

Liking: lazy Monday & Friday mornings at home with my boys.

Wondering:  What makes a meaningful life?

Loving: Mr SLM.

(Re)Watching: Making a Murderer on Netflix.

Marvelling: at my 3yo’s vocab – a huge language explosion has recently occured!

Needing: A haircut (& foils).

Smelling: My arm pits, thanks to Black Chicken’s Axilla Deodorant Paste.

Wearing: Singlets & sandals.

Following: Nayyirah Waheed on Insta. ♥

Noticing: how quickly my boys are growing & changing.

Knowing: there will never be a time when I wash, fold & put away all in one day (see below).

Thinking: of all the excitement of Christmas to come.

Admiring: the power of these crazy summer storms.

Sorting: never-ending mountains of clothes.

Getting: a g-zillion emails. Unsubscribe!

Bookmarking: resources on gratitude for a special project launching in 2017!

Coveting: a new sideboard for my dining room.

Opening: conversations that matter with people I love.

Giggling: at old habits & things I used to think that have since been proved wrong.

Feeling: Restless & tired & too-oft cranky. Hmmph.

Listening: to Rob Bell’s podcast ‘The RobCast‘. Love his translation of the Christian mythos!

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