Lately | April

Making: Malteser slice for Easter gatherings with friends.

Cooking: Chicken & chickpea curry. It’s a slow-cooker renaissance!

Drinking: switched to red wine with the cooler weather.

Reading: ‘The Beekeeper’s Secret’ by Josephine Moon for Book Club. My first chick-lit in years (still more than a little skeptical)!

Wanting: a solution to our never-ending bamboo problem.

Looking: at pictures of my babes when they were young. Sigh.

Playing: memory with Pokemon cards.

Wasting: left-overs.

Sewing: lavender drawer sachets.

Wishing: I could make my own clothes.

Enjoying:  bushwalks with my boys.

Waiting: for chocolate season to be over!

Liking: being back to working just 3 days.

Wondering: where the start of the year went.

Loving:  playing handball with my biggest bear.

Watching: the second half of TWD’s Season 7.

Marvelling: at people who love massages. How do they not laugh?

Needing: time in nature.

Smelling: the freshness of the forest on my trail runs.

Wearing: my new Mizuno Wave Horizons!

Following: Meredith Gaston. Her artwork & the beautiful products she creates with them are just divine!

Noticing: how difficult it is for people to be vulnerable with one another. Not a new revelation, but I am seeing different manifestations of this & the impact it can have.

Knowing: other people’s shit is not about me.

Thinking: it’s time for a trip to the mountains.

Admiring: the strength & determination of my beautiful big bear – he won the school cross country last week!

Sorting: an enormous pile of discarded objects & clothes than no longer fit any of us.

Getting: nervous about running the Gold Coast Half Marathon!

Bookmarking: No Sidebar. My new obsession, every word is golden.

Coveting:  Pretty much anything from Public Press.

Opening: eBay purchases & junk mail.

Giggling: at the memes shared by St Frock over on FB. Whoever does their social media has my sense of humour.

Feeling: happy & content.

Listening: to On Being (one of my favourite podcasts) with guest Richard Rohr (one of my favourite people).

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