Week 18 | Food

It is often the simple things in life that we so easily overlook & forget to be thankful for. Like food, for example. How truly amazing is that we have such a wide range of provisions & tastes & cuisines readily available to nourish us at any given time?
Here are 3 simple ways you can honour the blessing of food:
1. Say Grace. Take a moment to acknowledge the energy & effort that has gone into the meal before you & all of its ingredients.
2. Pay it forward. Pay some money towards the bill of the customer in line behind you or send dessert to a random table at a restaurant.
3. Nourish those around you. Make a meal for a friend or a neighbour, better still – invite them to join you for dinner.
Bon appetit!
Note: If you’re sharing your gratitude online, don’t forget to ensure your posts are public & tag them with the official challenge hashtag #52weeksofgratitude & #seekerlovermother so I can find, appreciate & share your blessings!

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