Lately | June

Making: Mrs Mud earrings for some friends.

Cooking: Slow-cooker spiced chicken meatballs.

Drinking: champagne. So much to celebrate this month!

Reading: Enneagram Companions‘ by Suzanne Zuercher. A profound book on using the enneagram for personal & relationship growth.

Wanting: so many good audio books from My Audible wishlist.

Looking: for my 4.5mm crochet hook that my boys have hidden from me. Grrr!

Playing: snakes & ladders.

Wasting: food. My freezer is full.

Sewing: heat packs scented with essential oils (see picture above – now available for pre-order, just drop me an email).

Wishing: I’d learned a lot earlier in life to trust my intuition. I’m slowly learning what a fabulous gift it is to have.

Enjoying: Our first month of ‘Hunt A Killer‘. Warning: very addictive.

Waiting: to run my first half marathon tomorrow!

Liking: slow mornings on school holidays.

Wondering: when the cold snap is coming. These winter days have been blissful!

Loving: the banquet menu at The Summer House.

Watching: Rory Scovel’s stand-up on Netflix. Hilarious!

Marvelling: at the ‘Boys on the Tracks’ case on True Crime Garage.

Needing: a parallel life in which to tend to my garden.

Smelling: Vicks. Winter sickness has set in. 

Wearing: active wear. 

Following: Dallas Clayton on Instagram.

Noticing: how much my house needs a spring clean.

Knowing: so much cool stuff from Yuval Noah Hariri’s ‘Homo Deus’.

Thinking: about this article from Scary Mommy. I can relate so much!

Admiring: my big bear for getting such an amazing mid-year report card. Proud mama moment!

Sorting: Pokemon cards (the latest craze).

Getting: ready for my belated 40th celebration.

Bookmarking: Langri Tangpa Centre’s facebook page.

Coveting: these Decjuba Riley Pants in Washed Indigo.

Opening: more birthday cards & presents!

Giggling: at the other kids at daycare that always greet my little bear with a group hug at drop off.

Feeling: satisfied.

Listening: Joyous Body: Myths and Stories of the Wise Woman Archetype‘ by Dr Clarissa Pinkola Estes via Audible.

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