Week 19 | Routine

In an increasingly secular society where many people have abandoned traditional forms of religion, we often find ourselves lacking purposeful practices or rituals that acknowledge & celebrate our personal experiences & shared humanity.
Routines can serve a very important purpose in our lives. Whether it is gardening, running, reading the morning paper or riding your bike, our daily activities are an expression of ourselves as we go about our lives & our connection to the passing of time. They can help to cultivate attention, build good habits, ground us, make us feel safe and, in some circumstances, achieve mastery.
Whatever you’re up to this week, notice how the gentle rhythm of your routines provide a sense of connectedness & security in your life.
Note: If you’re sharing your gratitude online, don’t forget to ensure your posts are public & tag them with the official challenge hashtag #52weeksofgratitude & #seekerlovermother so I can find, appreciate & share your blessings!

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