Lately | July

Making: Omelettes for breakfast (every day!).

Cooking: for 15 for my belated birthday celebration.

Drinking: Staminade.

Reading: My Preppie’s ‘Look What I Can Do’ book.

Wanting: time in my much-neglected garden.

Looking: for the oft-lost fidget spinner.

Playing: ten-pin bowling on Nintendo Wii.

Wasting: tissues. So much sickness around.

Sewing: a cushion cover for a friend’s housewarming & blankets for two new babes.

Wishing: with all my heart that I could go to the On Being Gathering.

Enjoying: spending time with my parents.

Waiting: for the warmth & freshness of spring, my favourite season.

Liking: Matt Licata‘s FB page.

Wondering: if I should give up coffee.

Loving: giving my ‘Slow’ e-course a make-over. Starting November 1, you can sign up here.

Watching: The Handmaid’s Tale – so good!

Marvelling: at people who’ve given up coffee.

Needing: to throw the windows open & banish all the germs.

Smelling: Eucalyptus oil.

Wearing: my 5th pair of Decjuba Riley pants – seriously obsessed with these pants!

Following: @mauramurraydoc on Twitter – the makes of the Missing Maura Murray podcast & documentary.

Noticing: how many unused apps I have on my phone. Argh…technological clutter.

Knowing: I probably won’t give up coffee.

Thinking: about running a marathon next.

Admiring: my husband’s dedication to study. Only a few weeks until his last (hopefully) exam! 

Sorting: clothes, towels & the other contents of Mount Newman.

Getting: belated birthday gifts!

Bookmarking: my branch-weaving for kids post over at Brisbane Kids. Time to go branch hunting again!

Coveting: a slow & simple lifestyle. Somewhat winning.

Opening: a fresh new journal.

Giggling: at my 5 year old dressed as a 100 year old for 100 days of Prep.

Feeling: cranky.

Listening: to the new ‘Undisclosed’ case on Gary Mitchum Reeves – very intriguing!

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