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seeker lover motherWelcome! Whoever you are & wherever you are, I’m so pleased you’re here…

| A little more about me |

I’m a Brisbane-based blogger, crafter, enneagram enthusiast & mumma of two little boys. I met the love of my life at a silent Buddhist retreat. I believe in the power of intention, love that stops your heart & that instead of trying to find out who we are, we should be remembering who we were before the world told us who we were supposed to be.  Oh, and I once performed poetry for wine & shoe money.

| A little more about Seeker Lover Mother |

Seeker Lover Mother is a place for women who are committed to taking the light to their own shadows, to making peace with their feelings of fundamental brokenness, to wrestling their inner critic to the ground, to not taking ‘good enough’ as the final answer, to building their tribe with authenticity, to honouring the parts of themselves that long to be still, & to living a life well-made with their whole heart.

The idea for this space jumped quite unexpectedly out of my journal when I was free-writing (google it, try it, I guarantee it will change your life!). I was burnt-out from working, mothering, running a busy household & just generally trying to keep up with a life that I came to realise I wasn’t 100% happy with & where my needs always came at the bottom of the list. I had a burning desire within to create something magical & meaningful.

So when I looked at my journal & saw the beginnings of all of this staring back at me, I thought – you’ve got be kidding? More work? Another blog? But the seed was planted. And gently grew. And I realised the energy around it was strong & pure & coming from an inner place that had lain dormant for far too long. I meditated on it. I began to make small but important changes. I prioritised self-care. And I opened my mind & my heart to the possibility of new beginnings, an opportunity to rewrite my story in a way that empowered me instead of keeping me small; then love poured out and it wouldn’t stop.

I offer you everything herein in the spirit of compassion & friendship. May your emotional cup be filled with enough to get you through whatever besets you. May your wings grow wide & strong enough to see you soar.

HEART + SOUL | All manner of things soulful, heart-based & love-led.

MIND + BODY | Stimulate your imagination & look after your shell. Meditation, books, podcasts, quantum physics, that type of stuff!

KIN + KINDNESS | Think relationships & connectedness: motherhood, family, friendships & examples of compassion that will take your breath away.

CREATIVITY | I’m a crafty girl at heart & I believe the creative process is essential for a wholehearted life.

#LOVELIVESHERE | A catch all category for things that excite me, inspire me or make my heart sing!

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