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    Lately | June

    Making: Mrs Mud earrings for some friends. Cooking: Slow-cooker spiced chicken meatballs. Drinking: champagne. So much to celebrate this month! Reading: ‘Enneagram Companions‘ by Suzanne Zuercher. A profound book on using the enneagram for…

    June 30, 2017
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    Week 16 | Simple Things

    It is often the smallest & seemingly most inconsequential of things that we fail to notice or take for granted. And yet these are often the very things that have the power to remind…

    June 1, 2017
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    Week 1 | Here & Now

    Stop. Look around you. I bet you can find at least 10 things within or without you that are mind-blowingly amazing & make your world a better place. Go! Be mindful. Be attuned to…

    January 5, 2017