‘Slow’ E-Course



What is ‘Slow’?

‘Slow’ is a FREE 30 day e-course filled with simple & achievable tasks & resources that focus on self-care, mindfulness & the art of slowing down. It is perfect for mamas who are juggling the busy-ness that motherhood inevitably brings and who crave the space to create a life they love.

It’s a chance to manifest the newness & hope that arrives with the Spring, to attune yourself to the humming of the bees & step out of the thaw & into the sun (or for anyone in the northern hemisphere, to shed the parts of you that are worn or frayed & falling).

I’m calling on those of you who often find yourselves longing for simpler times, who yearn to find the space to be still & without impulse, those of you who give of yourselves to others beyond measure with little left for your own fulfillment.


The course will be available on 1st May 2018.

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